Dear participants and guests of the 10th International Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition Exhibition, the Russia Arms Expo 2015!

Over the years that the RAE has been held, it has succeeded in becoming an important way to strengthen military-technical cooperation between Russia and foreign countries. Every year, dozens of official delegations from the far and near abroad visit the exhibition, including heads of Defence Ministries and heads of General Staff. This is without doubt a testament to its high international status.

The advantage of the Russia Arms Expo is that it has many demonstrations and large-scale exhibits, which are facilitated thanks to the presence of a unique training area, which is used to demonstrate the full spectrum of the battle and operational aspects of arms and military engineering. The guests are given a unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the theater of military activity, where samples of the various types of weapons are used, from tanks to unpiloted drones. There is nowhere like this in the world.

I am sure that the RAE exhibition, with its unparalleled atmosphere, will allow you once again to appreciate first hand the possibilities of Russian military engineering and discern the outlines (and possibly even the whole horizon) for military-technical cooperation with our foreign partners.

I would like to congratulate the Russia Arms Expo on its 10th Jubilee, and I wish its participants, guests and organisers of the exhibition productive dialogues, an excellent experience, and as much mutually beneficial understanding as possible.

Dmitry Rogozin
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Dear Participants,

Russia Arms Expo is one of the world’s biggest military exhibitions meeting top international standards. Over 50 nations take part in the event. The exhibition is being held on a unique firing ground in Nizhny Tagil, providing an opportunity to demonstrate the entire range of the combat and operational characteristics of the military equipment and arms.

The demonstration display of Russia Arms Expо includes a large number of ‘live’ presentations of Russian military equipment and provides an entire complex of innovative technological solutions ensuring real-time monitoring of the performance of a combat task.

Military experts will thus be able to judge precisely the combat and operational capabilities of the Russian equipment.

As always, Urals military and industrial companies will take an active part in the exhibition. We hope the event will be very fruitful in terms of new contracts and agreements with our traditional and potential partners in the field of military and technical cooperation.

I congratulate Russia Arms Expo on its 10th anniversary and wish the participants productive work and brilliant impressions.

Igor Kholmanskikh
Envoy of the President of the Russian Federation to the Urals Federal District

Dear Exhibition Participants,

The primary objective of the exhibition is to develop and strengthen Russia’s military and technical cooperation with foreign countries. The event is traditionally attended by dozens of official delegations from both CIS and non-CIS countries.

In this sense, Russia Arms Expo is a unique event that makes a significant contribution to expanding the order portfolio of Russian defence and industrial companies and strengthens the export potential of the Russian defence industrial complex.

I am confident that on its tenth anniversary Russia Arms Expo will become a showcase for the latest models of Russian weapons and the conclusion of new agreements in international military and technical cooperation.

I invite manufacturers of arms and military equipment to take advantage of the unique technological and infrastructural opportunities provided by Russia Arms Expo and demonstrate the full range of combat and performance capabilities of their products to our foreign guests.

I wish all the exhibition’s participants and guests successful and fruitful work.

Denis Manturov
Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Dear Organisers, Exhibitors and Visitors,

Congratulations on the opening of the 10th International Exposition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition Russia Arms Expo 2015. The Expo's tenth Anniversary is an excellent occasion to remember the mission of the Middle Urals – to be the bulwark of Russia's defences, to bolster the security of our country and to manufacture and supply the Russian Army with the most advanced and latest types of armament and military equipment.

It is no coincidence that it was here, in Nizhny Tagil – the heart of Russia's defence industry – that the idea was born of this exposition, which is considered, with good reason, to be Russia's main showcase of arms achievements.

The Nizhny Tagil State Demonstration and Exposition Centre – the only one of its kind in the world – demonstrates the full range of combat and operating characteristics of arms and military equipment, firing at targets of various levels of complexity, and real-time assessment of the performance of defence products.

The Expo has an excellent track record to show in time for its anniversary. Russia Arms Expo today is a true landmark of our region; it is on the list of federally important shows and fully meets the definition of an international show, with more than 400 exhibitors from Russia and abroad, more than 20,000 visitors and over 40 official Russian and international delegations participating in it annually.

A packed business programme attracts the attention of leading military experts, with its round tables and meetings between manufacturers, designers and customers to discuss pertinent matters of military development and defence cooperation. I can say with confidence that the Expo is the place where directions for scientific and technology research in the defence industry complex are largely determined.

I am glad that the Expo is evolving, with both its organisation and content improving all the time. I am confident that the anniversary exposition will, once again, offer visitors and exhibitors a pleasant experience with its interesting events and showcases of the latest arms, and will raise to a new level the discussion of military-industrial complex development among respected Russian and international experts.
I would like to invite specialists and manufacturers of military and special hardware to come to Nizhny Tagil and take an active part in the exposition.

I wish all participants lasting impressions, fruitful and exciting work, useful business meetings, and new achievements in strengthening our country's defences!

Yevgeny Kuyvashev
Sverdlovsk Region Governor

On behalf of UralVagonZavod and myself, I welcome the participants in the 10th Anniversary International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition – Russia Arms Expo 2015 (RAE).

RAE is rightly considered one of the world’s top arms exhibitions. The Nizhny Tagil arms fair boasts a unique firing ground and a rich demonstration programme. It includes live presentations and comprehensive tests of Russian military equipment.

RAE is a centre of technological know-how in the sphere of organising video recording and broadcasting of test tasks, special shows and presentations of the latest models of Russian arms.

RAE’s programme spans a number of different issues. The debates traditionally involve representatives of Russia’s biggest defence companies, state authorities and the expert community, which promotes an active discussion of all elements of the Russian arms market.

I am convinced that the Russia Arms Expo will help Russian arms manufactories to expand their order portfolios, strengthening Russia’s leading position on the global arms market.

I wish all of us brilliant impressions and successful business negotiations.

Oleg Siyenko
CEO UralVagonZavod